Canada Spouse Visa Processing Time

Spouse’s visa for Canada

Spousal sponsorship in Canada is the way in which a Canadian citizen or permanent resident can ask his or her spouse to come to Canada and live there permanently. Fortunately, the Canadian authorities are aware of the importance of cohabitation in Canada. That is why the application to sponsor a spouse is given priority. In addition, you can also sponsor a conjugal partner if you are still unable to marry or live with your partner as a common-law partner under certain conditions.

To sponsor a partner, you must have been in a relationship for at least one year, but have been unable to live together or marry due to circumstances beyond your control.

And like that, there’s a lot to know.

In this article on Canada 2022 Spouse Visa Processing Time, our team of experts has outlined everything you need to know about sponsoring your spouse, common-law or conjugal partner to Canada.

Spousal Visa Canada – everything you need to know
The Spousal Visa Program allows Canadian citizens and legal residents to nominate their common-law spouse or partner for permanent residence in Canada before obtaining a Spousal Visitor Visa (Canada). This category of visa allows the spouse to travel to Canada, live, earn a living and settle permanently in Canada if sponsored by their partner. Common-law relationships are treated in the same way as traditional marriages under Canadian immigration law.

To qualify for a common-law sponsorship, you must prove that you and your partner have lived together in a marriage relationship for one year or more. Spousal sponsorship applications can be submitted online through IRCC’s new permanent residence application.

Canada gives priority to spousal sponsorship. The government intends to accept 80,000 new immigrants each year in the spouse, partner and child category under the 2022-2024 Immigration Levels Plan.

The average processing time for spouse visa applications in 2022 is one year (12 months). Following delays due to the pandemic, Immigration Minister Sean Fraser said that IRCC could now process new spousal registrations within 12 months. Canada has also developed a monitoring system to allow spousal sponsorship applicants to track the status of their applications.

Rules for the spouse visa to Canada
You must be 18 years old to sponsor your spouse to Canada.
If you have a Canadian Residency Certificate and wish to represent your partner in Canada, you must be present in Canada during and after the decision on the Spouse in Canada Visa.
The sponsor must not be on social assistance for any reason other than a disability.
To sponsor the Spouse in Canada Visa, you must be financially secure.
The sponsor must commit to financially support your spouse for a certain period of time. This period is called the “undertaking” and the duration is called the “length of the undertaking”. Remember, you must commit to supporting your spouse for three years to obtain a Canadian spousal visa.
You must show that you have a continuing and genuine commitment to your spouse.
You and your spouse must be legally married. Please note that Citizenship and Immigration Canada no longer accepts proxy marriages performed abroad.

Documents required for the spouse visa in Canada
Certified copy of marriage certificate
Photographs for passports
Any legal name change for you and your spouse must be documented.
A certified copy of your birth certificate is required.
A photocopy of your current passport
Photocopy of your financial documents
Bank statement
Proof of address
Police certificate Original letter of sponsorship (if applicable)
If applicable, documents relating to the end of a previous marriage
Court, police and prison records, if any
Immigration offence records, if any

How long does it take to get a Canadian spouse visa?
Approximately 12 months

Canada Spouse Visa Checklist
In addition to the documents mentioned above, you will also need to provide a Letter of Invitation (LOE) and a Letter of Invitation for the Spouse Visa to Canada. This is a simple signed letter welcoming your partner to the country and showing that you have a relationship with them and know them well in Canada.

In any case, the most important criterion is that the person issuing the letter of invitation is a permanent resident or a Canadian citizen. This letter of invitation will prove to the Canadian Consulate why you have proposed a spouse visa.

In some cases, applicants may be required to provide a Letter of Explanation for the Spouse in Canada (LOE) visa. This may be due to missing documents that could not be produced, an inconsistency that caught the attention of the immigration official assessing your case, etc.

The LOI also allows you to communicate to the immigration authorities any additional details that are not included in the documents submitted but that you feel are essential for your spousal sponsorship to Canada.

You can better understand how to write the perfect LoE or any immigration information, even on anything, with our Canadian immigration experts to ensure your spouse’s sponsorship to Canada. Moreover, the journey becomes more accessible and beautiful when you have a clear path.


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